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Client Stories

Better Body. Better Life.


"I feel stronger and healthier overall!"

"Working with Rayanne has been great! While we're working on full body fitness she makes sure to focus on the exercises I need most to fit my personal goals. Her attention to proper form and body mechanics makes my workouts feel safe but also challenging and after only a couple months I feel stronger and healthier overall!"

- Todd

"I look forward to gym time"

“I love my personal training sessions with Rayanne. I feel the changes I’m making, the strength I’m gaining, and for the first time ever I look forward to gym time rather than trying my hardest to avoid it!”

- Heidi

"I look forward to gym time"

"Full disclosure: I am not, and never have been, a sporty spice. I first started practicing yoga because I thought it would be an exercise where I wouldn't actually sweat (it's not, btw!). So, I was a bit surprised with myself when I signed up for 12 sessions with Rayanne last summer. And more so, how much I've enjoyed training with her. She explains the exercises (even the intimidating ones) so that they are simple, pays close attention to form and to results, adding weight or reps when she knows I'm ready - even if I don't believe her ’til I try! I love that it’s personalized training, that Rayanne is flexible and responsive to switch things up depending on how I’m feeling on any given day, that she doesn’t ever ignore twinges or minor complaints, but figures out solution or a workaround on the spot. And the results? First and foremost, I feel so strong and really proud of myself for how far I've come, and what I'm able to do, in a short time. I love that the work that I do with Rayanne lets me go further with my yoga practice. I love that my kids see health and ability-to-do as my body goals. Not gonna lie: I also love that there are fewer inches of me than there were a few months ago. Definitely glad I started on this journey!"

- Alex

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